The GVT token is used as the main platform token. You can purchase tokens buying it for cryptocurrency or fiat currency. 

  1. Only GVT can be converted to more profitable project tokens placed on the platform.
  2. GVT is a liquid instrument for speculative trading as the number of projects that issue their tokens will be constantly replenished, and the GVT issue is limited.
  3. GVT is provided with an ounce of gold in the amount of 1 000:1 and is placed with a 50% discount.
  4. The exchange of GVT for a cash equivalent according to the market value of gold will be made from the second year of operation of the platform, which is due to the average duration of projects for starting production at the deposit, however investments in project tokens will be available as soon as they are released on the platform.
  5. An investor can choose an exit strategy of investment
    • due to the redemption of base tokens by the platform;
    • by sharing their GVTs with project tokens.

Besides GVTs on the platform tokens will be issued directly to development of project and development of deposit. These tokens can be purchased exclusively for GVT. Tokens of projects can subsequently be converted into shares or stock items.

  1. Tokens are emitted by the companies that own licenses for the development of the deposits declared in the project in the amount of investments necessary for the project.
  2.  Investors can choose a company in which they intend to invest their GVTs.
  3. The value of the project’s tokens depends on the current state of the particular project and increases as exploration investments are made, confirmations about the availability of recoverable reserves, development of the deposit, increment of reserves based on exploration results and commencement of industrial production.

The value of the deposit token is determined on the basis of expert opinions, conducted on a periodic basis. Expert opinions are formed by members of the advisory board. The initial value of the Valigor token (the first deposit selected to attract financing, see below) will be 0.25 of the value of the primary token. The index was chosen based on the available information on the economic efficiency of the deposit and the payback of the business. Consequently the growth of the value of the deposit tokens is achieved through the development of the enterprise’s activities and, accordingly, tends to the value of the main token.

Distribution of tokens

The initial issue of GVT tokens will be 100 000 000. The rest of the distribution of tokens will be made as the scale is increased and new deposits are brought to the platform.

Valigor deposit

Valigor LLC is a gold mining company licensed to develop gold deposits in Sosnovoye, Telaiz with a total estimated gold reserves of 3.7 tonnes.

The company’s resource base includes gold reserves of deposits:

  • Sosnovoe (1.2 t with an average content of 6.1 g/t)
  • Telaiz (2.5 t with an average content of 7.8 g/t)
  • it is additionally possible to acquire a license for the Vorgavozh deposit (7.7 tons with an average grade of 4.6 g/t), as well as neighboring areas.

The potential of the entire ore zone is more than 100 tons. All deposits are located in the Russian Federation on the territory of the Khanty-Mansi Federal District.

The company has developed a transport infrastructure and operational activities, including:

  • material resources (Sosnovoe, Telaiz)
  • experimental-industrial concentrating mill (EICM) with the capacity of 65 thousand tons of ore per year with the possibility of increasing up to 150 thousand tons of ore per year


  • Refining(agreements with refineries have been concluded)
  • Implementation (an agreement was concluded with Sberbank on selling gold)
  • Logistics (completely built all the routes)

Gold-bearing ones are quartz-carbonate-sulfide bodies of complex shape, quartz-sulfide veins that form rectilinear shear fractures, metasomatites and disjunctive rocks. Sulphides are represented by pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite, sphalerite with pyrite and galena dominated. Total amount of sulphides ranges from 1–2% to 5%. The main productive association is gold-galena-pyrite. Large native gold (up to 3 mm) predominates in the ores.

The Telaiz deposit
The Telaiz deposit is located within Telaiz licensed subsoil block (license KhMN 15758 BR - valid until 2039).
The Sosnovoe deposit
The Sosnovoe deposit is located within Telaiz licensed subsoil block (license KhMN 15758 BR - valid until 2039).
The ore occurrence Kedrovoe
The ore occurrence Kedrovoe is located within Telaiz licensed subsoiled block (license KhMN 15758 BR - valid until 2039)
The ore occurrence Kachaiz
The ore occurrence Kachaiz is located within Telaiz licensed subsoiled block (license KhMN 15758 BR - valid until 2039)

Using Blockchain

Due to development of new digital technologies raising funds for the development of projects is now possible by the initial coin offering (ICO).

Due to development of new digital technologies raising funds for the development of projects is now possible by the initial coin offering (ICO).

The platform is scalable and depends on the number of deposits placed in the application for raising investments through the ICO on the GoldVein platform. Legally the interaction of the platform and the deposit will be fixed in the investment agreement.

For the first time both in the ICO industry and in the sector of real economy the GoldVein platform provides a unique opportunity to become an investor of high-yield assets in the resource sector. To become one you have to invest in the platform token.

Advantages for investors

Variability. Purchasing the main tokens the investor reserves the right to profit from investments in gold mining, since the token is sold at a significant discount from its market value in the beginning of the project. Or he/she may acquire tokens of the operator companies and invest in the growth of their capitalization, thus diversifying their investment strategy.
Liquidity. GVT is a liquid instrument for speculative trading, as the number of projects that issue their tokens will constantly increase, and the issue of the main token is limited.
Security. In order to reduce the risks of platform participants the number of GVT tokens issued in circulation will not exceed 15% of the available gold reserves of projects presented on the platform. This measure allows to create a reliable financial instrument that is guaranteed to be provided with real assets.

Road map

  • Front end work


  • Run-up to PRE-ICO

    November 2017 - February 2018


    April-June 2018

  • ICO

    August-September 2018

  • Tokens will be placed on exchanges

    December 2018

  • A step by step start

    July–December 2018

  • The second deposit ICO

    June 2019

  • Start buy back tokens

    July 2019

  • The third deposit ICO

    February 2020


Ilya Mikheev

Technical documentation specialist. In 2010, he graduated from the TUSUR Radio Engineering Department. In 2017, he graduated from TUSUR with a degree in Information Security. Ilya headed the Information Security Department of a bank. He participated in the development of a combined GPS/Glonass/Galileo receiver.


Mikhail Pimulin

Mikhail has more than 10 years experience in sales and business development (MSM SKOLKOVO Startup Academy,, Blackwood commercial real estate, etc.). Today Mikhail’s interest is concentrated on the gold mining industry as this is the thing he sees a great potential for development, particularly through the ICO.

Giravov Shahbulat Giravovich

CEO of OOO «Valigor» MSM Skolkovo ExEd, NRU HSE EMBA, business school RUIE EMBA. He has more than 15 years of successful work in the field of subsoil use, management geological prospecting and evaluation of mineral deposits. In particular he was first deputy general director of the FSFI «The State Commission on Mineral Reserves of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia» (SRC), as well as the Director of NP «NAEN» and the editor-in-chief of the magazine «Subsoil Use of the 21st Century». He is the chairman of the Board of the Non-Profit Partnership «Moscow President Club» — a club of graduates of the presidential program of retraining of personnel. Shahbulat Giravovich is a Member of the Board of RUIE since 2014. He was a member of the Expert Advisory Council on Valuation Activities under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia (2005–2007). He is the author of scientific and practical articles on improving the efficiency of subsoil use and state regulation of the mining and geological industry.

Zhilov Mukhamed Arsenovich

The operational director of OOO Valigor. Muhamed Arsenovich graduated from the Kabardino-Balkarian State University, the Faculty of Equipment Mechanization and also received additional education at Moscow State University specializing in Finance and Credit.

Kenig Viktor Vladimirovich

Chief geologist of OOO «Valigor». In 1974 he graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov’s specialty «Geological survey and prospecting for mineral deposits». He is the author and co-author of 8 reports on prospecting, appraisal and exploration for various minerals. He participated in geological exploration, preparation and protection of reports in TRC and SRC with calculation of reserves for polymetallic and barite ore, limestone and clay deposits as cement raw materials, root gold, and three reports on chrome ore. Since 2012 — he is an expert at «NAEN», since 2014 — current freelance TRC expert, since 2016 — acting external expert of RosgeolExpertiza. He was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the anniversary sign «300 years of mining and geological service of Russia», the medal «Mining and Geological Service of Russia», the sign «Excellence in exploration», the sign «Honorary prospector of the bowels», the sign «Discoverer of the field».

Gaba Vladimir Vasilievich

Chief Engineer of OOO «Valigor». The work experience includes positions of senior mechanic, chief power engineer, leading engineer in such companies as «Intaugol», JSC «Kozhimskoe Exploration and Production Enterprise», JSC «Intaneft».<br>He is certified for industrial safety, has experience working with design organizations on the provision of technical conditions, the registration of hazardous production facilities in the State Register, obtaining licenses, permits in Rostekhnadzor.<br>Education: Intinsky industrial technical school with specialty «mining electromechanics»; St. Petersburg Mining Institute, specialization «electrification and automation of mining operations», qualification «mining engineer-electrician».

Ilya Solovyov

Chief lawyer. Over six years of legal practice. Being an expert in legal support of IT companies, consumer protection, and construction defect litigation support, he protected the interests of over 100 clients. His core competencies include civil law and information technology law.

Mikhail Vinertsev

Smart-contract developer/Back-end developer. From 2011 to 2016, he worked for Promregionbank. He started as an IT department specialist and later was promoted to the Head of the IT Department. In the bank, Mikhail was engaged in developing his own gateways to work with Electronic Interagency Interaction System (SMEW), the State Information Systems for State and Municipal Payments (GIS GMOs), and Retail Banking System (RBS). He successfully integrated a remote banking service system with various banking software. Since 2015, he has been working as the technical director of VLSystem LLC, a company engaged in developing and implementing various accounting and data analysis systems. Two years of experience in blockchain development.

Aldar Sandanov

CIO. From 2008 to 2016, he headed the IT Department at Promregionbank, was a member of the Board, the Credit and Finance Committees. He was responsible for the current operations of all Bank’s information systems, involved in creating the IT development and security strategy.

Kirill Kvan

Marketer. He has over six years of experience in Internet marketing. Since 2014, he has been leading KonersLab, a website development and promotion company. He has an excellent track record, including over 100 successful advertising campaigns for ForteBank, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt,, and many other companies.

Aleksandr Bragin

Front-end developer. He graduated from the Institute of Power Engineering (Tomsk Polytechnic University) with a degree in electric power and electrical engineering. Since 2014, he worked as a back-end developer for R70 Web Studio.

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